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Visiting Pilots


What a ride!

What a ride! Absolutely wonderful experience - want to come back and do it again. - Jerry

Posted: 2013-07-05

What fun !!

What fun!! Thanks for the great ride - Jan Lappin

Posted: 2013-07-05

Words can't express . . .

Words can't express how much fun I had. The "Wild Ride" is the way to go! - Robbin Siener

Posted: 2013-07-05

Hunter B. - 12 y.o.

Thank you for the awesome flight.  I really enjoyed it.  Give Russell a special thanks for giving me a great time in the sky.

Posted: 2012-09-08

Billy & Sheena S.

Wonderful experiance!  Russell flew us over Job's Peak.  This was special for us because that is where we got engaged!  Such beautiful views and a little scary fun!  Thanks for everything.

Posted: 2012-09-04


We welcome a new Student, Ciprian Pop

Ciprian came to SoaringNV a year ago to take a ride, and he is back to start his glider pilot training.  We look forward to coaching him through the process of getting his private glider pilot license.

Welcome, Ciprian!



Posted: 2013-09-22

Jochem Van Koppen

I am a Dutch CFI-G and was highly impressed with the professional and well-organized setup and the no-nonsense attitude of the people working at SoaringNV. Thanks to this I managed to get my FAA commercial glider add-on in just two days and enjoy some of the excellent soaring conditions at Minden.

Posted: 2012-09-16

Mark Illsley/Roger Illsley

Our first lessons in a glider. We had fun.  Russell, our instructor, was awesome!

Posted: 2012-08-26

Visiting Pilots:

Annsi Soila

Annsi Soila, FAI World Co-Record Holder (with Klaus Ohlmann) for Distance over a Triangular Course of 1750 Km, visited us for several days.  Here is what he said:

"I would like to thank Russell Holtz for his excellent advice , professional and pleasant company.  Having flown in such places as Finland, Sweden, Norway, the French Alps, Namibia, and the Andes in Argentina, I can say that SoaringNV is the best organized soaring operation I have seen in the world"



Posted: 2013-09-22

Pat Murray

You have friendly people, good equipment, beautiful views, and SoaringNV is probably the best place to fly gliders in the whole US.

Posted: 2013-08-16

Ed Warnock

Wave camp is the best organizedand enjoyable soaring experience I have ever had.
The staff and services are fabulous.
The equipment and aircraft are in superb condition.
The fellowship is wonderful. Where else can you spend a week with men and women who share your love of soaring surrounded by such beauty.
The wave at Minden is world class. Diamond altitudes are possible above the world's most scenic site. There is nothing like the view of Lake Tahoe and snow capped peaks stretching out for hundreds of miles.
Ed Warnock

Posted: 2013-06-21

Brian Neff

At the dinner Sunday night of the last day I told Russell that before I got to the wave camp I was skepticla about how much I was going to learn about wave flying I told him I found the ground program very informative and very well done and I did learn a lot about the Sierra wave and flying at Minden and SoaringNV put on a great presentation. I also think the wave camp is well worth the cost. The food provided was not expected and turned out to be a real bonus. I also found the staff at SoaringNV very helpful and friendly.

I don't have any suggestions on how to improve the program, only that in the info you might say Carson Valley Inn gives a discount for the group and also has a weekly rate.


Posted: 2013-05-11

Bruce Patton
Laurie and Russ,
Bruce Patton here - let me first say I realize putting on this camp is a huge undertaking and a lot of work.  The amount coordination and preparation to put on a camp like this is staggering.  All your work showed because it was an excellent camp!  I was lucky enough to attend a ridge soaring and a cross country camp the weeks before your camp this year and there was no comparison, the preparation work done on your camp made it the best camp I have ever attended!
My first suggestion, as a second time attendee – buy two get the third free??????  Just kidding!
The follow up card I received in the mail with the photo and asking for comments was great.  Handwritten and personalized messages goes that extra mile and makes attendees want to provide feedback and return to the camp.   
The presentations were excellent and were organized well.  As a camper that had to leave early I wish I would have had the notes for the presentations I missed.  So, one suggest would be to have all the notes in the binder when we check in.
I see the 2014 Wave Camp is scheduled for only 4 days where the 2013 camp was 6 days.  Will this be long enough to get all the presentations in?  I come not only for the flying but the presentations also so I wouldn’t want to see the presentations reduced.
In 2011 I think you did a better job presenting the airport and wave window operations.  I think this year the campers didn’t feel as comfortable with the wave window operations as we did in 2011.  Suggestion would be to tweak the first day airport operation presentation to thoroughly cover wave window operations.
Russ did a great job organizing pilots and aircraft on the fly each day.  I could tell it was stressful for him but it worked out well.  Only suggestion would be have someone make any needed tweaks to the schedule after Russ goes out to fly.
It was very interesting the LS-4 didn’t fly.  Remember last year there was a demand for both single seaters.  I realize this year you had 4 great two seaters that everyone wanted to fly.  Need to find a way to get the solo pilots to fly the single seaters.  First suggestion would be to make sure all the squawks are taken care of with the single seaters – last year the radios and the igc recorders were iffy, this year the brakes on the LS-4 were questioned.  I suggest you ask each camper what sailplane they plan to fly before the camp, this will give you a better idea of the demand for the two seaters.  If you find a high demand for the two seaters maybe you could create some type of incentive to fly the single seaters.  You had the pilots at the camp sitting ion the ground and a sailplane sitting not bringing in revenue, need to find a way to fix that.  Also, I heard rumor you were trading a duo for an ASW27 if that is the case I would make sure the Duo is back next year for the camp.  Get more two seaters if you can!
Need more photos taken.  I realize your staff is very busy so ask campers to take photos and post them to a web site or email them to one of the staff.  Post them somewhere so the photos can be seen and downloaded by everyone.
All in all, great job!
Bruce Patton   
Posted: 2013-05-11

Phil Jones
  • GREAT WEEK. I look forward to visiting again.
  • Pilots who give rides at SoaringNV should have commercial certificates according to FARs.
  • Badge fee is rather steep @ $55. SSA charges $20 if you ar not a member
  • GREAT STAFF, wonderful presentations, very professional
  • Nice touch including T-shirt
  • Great healthy snacks. expecially fruit and organic PB&J :)
  • I've told all my friends SoaringNV's wave camp is great! and they should attend!

Thanks for a wonderful week.


PS - Pete and Kempton were fantastic!


Posted: 2013-05-11

Martin D

Hello Laurie and Russell -

It was great meeting both of you when I did my area checkout on Sunday, September 16th.  (I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already).
I wanted to thank both of you for your hospitality and compliment you on the great operations that you have built in Minden.   I was very impressed and have been spreading the good word within my club.
Thanks again,
Posted: 2012-10-01

Rolf & Helen Illsley

Everything we hoped for and more.  It exceeded our expectations!

Posted: 2012-08-26


Just a quick note to let you know that I have enjoyed my time here at SoaringNV. You and the Staff are first class in my book.


Posted: 2012-08-23